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Regional Economy Strategy and Data

Data & Resources

There are a number of formats for reviewing and downloading SCAG’s available data resources. For a quick overview of regional and county level economic variables, the Regional Snapshots offers interactive charts that allow users to view multiple years of data. The Monthly Economic Report provides more detailed and up-to-date information on the monthly changes in SCAG’s regional economy. To download some of SCAG’s more detailed and comprehensive datasets, please visit the Economic and Demographic Data Library. This resource provides a wealth of historic and current economic and demographic data.

This area features interactive charts showing regional and county level information on total employment, unemployment, taxable sales, housing permits issued, value of merchandise imported and exported through the SCAG Region.
SCAG’s Monthly Economic Reports are available for review and download in this section. Each report shows the SCAG region’s economic performance over the past 12 months for a number of important indicators.
This feature allows users to access SCAG’s GIS Data Library and our Economic & Demographic Library. Both libraries contain a wealth of data for download.
Regional Economy Strategy and Data
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