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Regional Economy Strategy and Data

The Eighth Annual Southern California Economic Summit

Image: The Eighth Annual Southern California Economic Summit

The Cost of Not Housing
November 9, 2017

The L.A. Hotel Downtown

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Southern California is no stranger to the housing crisis. While home and rental prices continue to climb, new construction has not kept pace with the region’s population and economic growth. In order to remain a national and international economic powerhouse, Southern California must consider the impact of the housing crisis on our economy. From stemming corporate moves to other states, to balancing local residential and retail development, to finding housing solutions for existing Southern Californians, the policy issues around housing and the economy are intricately intertwined. To solve the housing problem is to solve an economic problem.

SCAG, in partnership with the Southern California Leadership Council, co-hosted the Eighth Annual Southern California Economic Summit at The L.A. Hotel Downtown in the heart of Los Angeles on Thursday, Nov. 9. Local civic and business leaders were in attendance to assess the state of the region’s economy, discuss the region’s housing needs and look at ways to face the challenges that housing affordability poses to local, regional and statewide economies.





Regional Economy Strategy and Data
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