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Legislation & Policy Initiatives

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As part of a broader legislative platform, SCAG’s efforts in economic recovery and job creation are founded on policies and initiatives adopted by the Regional Council that need the leadership and support of the California State Legislature and Congress to resolve challenges facing the SCAG region. SCAG has retained and collaborated with leading business and economic experts to interview business leaders, understand the challenges to expanding business and growing jobs in the region, and seek input on which of the myriad of challenges are common economic impediments across the region to job growth and investment in local communities.

Model Film Ordinance

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), FilmL.A., the California Film Commission, and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) have joined together to help protect the more than 6,600 business establishments that comprise California’s film, television, and commercial production industry, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs supported by the entertainment industry throughout the state.

According to the LAEDC, the entertainment industry accounts for 176,700 jobs and $30 billion in spending in the Southern California region. However, there are 40 states and numerous countries around the world that are competing aggressively for this business. In response, SCAG, FilmL.A., the California Film Commission, and the LAEDC are partnering to support the important job creation and financial contribution of the entertainment industry to our region’s economic recovery and sustained growth.

Following extensive stakeholder outreach, on May 1, 2012 the California Film Commission adopted a revised statewide Model Film Ordinance and Best Practices (MFO/BP). The purpose of a standardized statewide ordinance is to provide the entertainment industry with a uniform set of policies and procedures to secure on-location production. The purpose of asking cities and counties to adopt local filming ordinances based upon the state’s ordinance is to streamline the permitting process and send a clear signal that this is a coveted industry California intends to retain.

On July 5, 2012, SCAG’s Regional Council unanimously moved to encourage its 191 member cities and six counties to adopt a version of the MFO/BP that fits their particular needs. The motion, urged by SCAG Regional Council President Glen Becerra, and the unanimous vote were clear and explicit expressions of support for one of Southern California’s most important and touchstone industry clusters.

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California Film Commission Model Film Ordinance

Guidelines for Best Practices in Film Regulations and Policies

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Regional Economy Strategy and Data
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